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Walk and Explore Plett and Garden Route offers guided hiking tours in and around the region.

  • We aim to educate local, national and international visitors, on how to practice sustainable tourism.
  • Connecting and closing the void between different cultures by training, educating them through our cultural township tours and exploring our nature and Garden Route hiking trails.
  • Our goal is to train the young and old minds from colleges, township and high schools to expand the number of qualified tourist guides in the Garden Route, as there is high demand of guides in the area.
  • We plan on delivering the best quality including a unique and specialized service through our products.

Locally the company is planning to establish a unit that will focus on training the youth from Tvet colleges on practicing sustainable tourism, empowering them to participate in tourism related projects. The aim of this service is to increase knowledge of the local landscapes and trails of the Garden Route.

Robberg Hiking Trail

The Robberg Hiking Trail is probably one of the most popular and well known scenic hiking trails offered in the area. The route is a circular trail along the Robberg peninsula with two shorter variations available, ranging from easy to moderate.

Distance: 9.2km
4 hours
Experience local fauna and flora, old rocks, caves, birds as well as land- and marine mammals (seals).

Keurbooms to Natures Valley Hiking Trail

This is a hiker’s and bird watcher’s paradise with its diversity of fauna and flora. Viewpoints offer breathtaking views of the coastline and distant mountains

Distance: 13,5km
Almost half a day
Experience local fauna and flora including marine life while walking along the coastline.

Afro-montane Forest Walk

Enjoy a scenic walk underneath the forest canopy surrounded by bird calls, insects buzzing and natures splendour.

Distance: 5km
Experience local fauna and flora including an array of bird species.

Cultural Township Tour

Looking into the everyday life of a real African. With a guided tour you are able to explore interesting facts about the Xhosa people and their tribal culture.

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